Paycepaid Integrates With The Best To Provide A Seamless Collection Solution!

A wholistic solution for modern teams!

Setting up Paycepaid for your business is simple and drives powerful results.

Endless Integrations

Integrate with your accounting software. XERO and MYOB with many more to come.
Custom API & CSV's are also available.

Communication Channels

Paycepaid allows you to automate payment reminders using SMS, Email & IVR calls, with Whatsapp reminders coming soon.

Repayment Options

Provide your customers with endless options to repay their debt via one off payments, split payments, payment extensions and more.


Our smart engine is constantly learning about your customers preferred communication channel which allows you to set up different campaigns for the best results.‍


Export reports for DSO, Debt Age Reports and stay on top of your business.

Creation in Multi Currency

Create and send single use or recurring invoices in any currency so you can send invoices and accept payments from your global customers.


A self-service portal where your customers can view, download invoices, make payments, request extensions, view their payment history and more.

Notes &
Follow Up Tasks

Manage and track your customer interactions by leaving notes and assign follow up tasks for team members.‍

Why use Paycepaid?

Modern Collection Strategies Your Way

Whether you're looking to deploy a full digital collections strategy or a mix of digital and traditional, we've got you covered.

Automated campaigns help save you time while Manual tasks & reminders can also be set for those trickier clients.

We've partnered with Australia's leading debt collection & debt purchasing agency, allowing you to escalate more troublesome debt with a click of a button.

A Better Customer Experience

It's not pleasant being chased for unpaid bills, not everyone's situation is the same and sometimes we just need a bit of time. Being compassionate and understanding will keep your customers happy and have them coming back to you.

Customisable templates let's you control how you communicate with your customers while our smart debtor portal empowers your customers to manage their payments, from payment arrangements & extensions to lodging disputes and hardship requests.

Improved Collections Results & Save Resources

By deploying our robust debt collection solution, you can reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and reduce the risk of delinquent accounts.

Reduce costs and the need for large collections teams. Paycepaid's software doesn't take sick days or annual leave and works for you all day every day, reliably delivering you effective and consistent results.

Choose Your Plan

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"Paycepaid has transformed our collections process for the better."

We've had great feedback from customers who tell us how helpful and easy the portal is to use.

We've also seen a reduction in inbound calls and emails for account related enquiries saving us so much time and resources, meaning we can focus on better servicing our customers.

Paycepaid is such a great solution for our business and customers!

- Paul Cardinale, Account Receivables Team Leader

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't use accounting software?

Paycepaid can also be used as a stand alone solution. You can create and manage your invoices and collections process all on the one platform.

Are the reminders sent from Paycepaid or can I set it to come from my business?

Once you've set up your organisation, your logo and business details will show on your reminders. You can also set up reminders to go from your own email domains and SMS sender ID's.

I don't want to have automated reminders going to all of my customers. Is it always automated?

Only customers that are tagged as "Automatic" will be sent automated reminders. For your other customers, you can manually send reminders if they are tagged as "Manual".

How do you accept payments on your debtor portal?

Customers can make credit/debit card payments through the debtor portal through our Stripe integration. Once you've signed up to Paycepaid, you'll be able to connect your Stripe and accept payments which will be remitted directly to you.

I don't want to send the same reminders to all of my customers. Can I set different communications to go out for different groups?

Yes you can! You can set different communications to go out to different customer types or groups.

How customisable are your automated payment reminders?

You can fully customise your reminder campaigns, from what type of reminder you want to send (SMS, Email or IVR call), the template used as well as when you want them to go out.

What currencies can Paycepaid work with?

Paycepaid works with all currencies. The only consideration is when accepting online credit/debit card payments. Stripe or your preferred payment gateway provider may not accept payments from specific countries and regions. If unsure, please speak to your payment gateway provider for further clarification.

What countries do you service?

We are based in Australia, however our solution can be used globally, mainly in the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and most of Europe. We of course do not service sanctioned countries.

Looking for something a little more customised?

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